Why use MobilGest?

Safety is and will be a problem but the risk is even greater when dealing with mobile devices. The staff of your company can use mobile devices in several situations: treat patients, commercial, road positioning, equipment repair defective if or sell products.

The staff of your company can use mobile devices in various situations: treat patients, commercial, road position, repair defective if equipment or sell products.

Generally these users have no technical knowledge and certainly not security experts. However, over 75 percent of enterprises leave responsibility for security in the hands of users.

According to a recent survey, employees have increasingly more opportunities to work with mobile devices, but companies are not interested in the security on this point. The result is that valuable information which until now protected the company's private network, will now mobile devices, being unprotected and accessible by third parties. Without proper security, mobile devices are extremely vulnerable. The IT department must manage and protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with safety regulations and policies of the company, interests that users have the information they need, when they need it and that the requested information is processed automatically for anyone that needs it and are authorized to receive it.

Distributed systems bring their own challenges. Surely you have different types of mobile devices with different needs according to the user using the device, different situations connectivity, bandwidth, amount of data to transmit, various support applications, etc. requires a management solution that allows you to provide direct support to each of the users of these devices.

MobilGest allows managing these environments, showing which devices are deployed, where they are, what software is installed, etc.. MobilGest goes beyond device management and gives you the ability to control applications and data.