Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Software that enables secure, monitor and mobile devices manage regardless of the network operator or service provider. Most let you install MDM applications, localization and tracking equipment, backup, data reporting and access devices, all remotely.

  • Massive installation of applications: Applications can be installed and run updates on multiple devices at once remotely.
  • Application selection: MDM implement policies allow control over the applications that can run devices thus prevents users from running applications that are not productive for business.
  • Tracking: through the use of GPS, we can find the location of one or more devices and make tracing the route that kept during a given period.
  • File Synchronization: You can keep the files of the devices synchronized with the server.
  • Lock Function: Allows control specific functions of the devices can enable or disable the camera, microphone, USB, wireless device configuration, among others.
  • Cost control: The weather can restrict phone calls or amount of transmitted data and even send alerts or take action if the maximum limits have been exceeded.
  • Remote wipe: It is an essential function, which is used when the device is lost, stolen or lost and you want to prevent leakage of data residing in it.
  • Apply Password: From the server, you can set a password lock and you can also set the length, type password if alphanumeric or numeric, the number of attempts, etc.